Welcome to Radon Control Services

John Hastings founded Radon Control Services, Inc. in 2000 after installing several hundred systems with his former company Closer Look, Inc. a Home Inspection and Environmental Services company he started in 1989. John saw radon as a serious problem for residents of Western North Carolina and wanted to focus his efforts on helping people deal with this dangerous issue. John has personally installed over 3,000 successful radon mitigation systems from Raleigh, NC all the way to Nashville, TN. He is one of the most experienced Radon Experts in North Carolina.

John and his staff install hundreds of systems each year in Residential Homes as well as Commercial Properties. Radon Control Services, Inc. treats your property like it was their own by being extremely neat and courteous at all times. While jobs are performed by various members of the RCS staff, John Hastings is intricately involved in each and every installation to give his expertise. We 100% GUARANTEE every job we do. Many radon mitigations are challenging and we do not recommend using someone who is not properly certified or experienced.

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